Lily’s Bee and Wildflower Themed Birthday


This year, I threw a “bee and wildflower” themed… “bee-day” for Lily. I loved how everything turned out! Also, a lot of the decorations I will be able to use again, as they are fairly neutral.

We are a couple of weeks out from making a move to Ohio for my husband’s job. Having one last birthday party with dear friends who have loved Lily so well these last two years, was a top priority (even though I didn’t decided when I was going to have the party until two days before!) I am forever thankful for how these folks have cared and supported Lily (and us) so incredibly well. So many people have helped us raise this girl, several weren’t able to make it (because of my irresponsibility)- but we are thankful for every single one of you and will miss you all like crazy.

I really enjoy decorating for my sweet girl’s birthdays each year. This year was especially fun because to be honest, I haven’t made the time to craft much these last few weeks. I have been opting for naps almost afternoon :) It was so nice to get back to creating, again.

All the ideas for this “bee” themed party are inexpensive and you might already have some of the supplies.

Here is a list of things I made for the dessert space:

  • For a backdrop to the dessert table, I used fabric scraps to make a banner.
  • I made several hexagons to create a honeycomb for surrounding walls. You simply hot glue 6 jumbo pop sticks together in a hexagon shape and then attach them to one another to make various honeycomb shapes.
  • I also made some paper bees. Make one large white heart for wings, an oval from the  yellow paper for the body ( cut the bottom of the oval to line up with your white heart), and then add black stripes and antennas.
  • I made a few daisies, using the pattern from this tutorial: here. 
  • wildflowers for the table are simply a must.
  • I added lots of color and whimsy through having lots of balloons all over the floor in various common wildflower colors.
  • I made one big banner from cutting white cards in half and adding stickers that read “Happy Beeday Lily.” I hot glued the cards to some binding and ribbon.
  • I made the desserts to look more natural and used a lot of honey! I made vanilla cupcakes with honey whipped cream, cranberry oat cookies, and crackers with cheese topped with blackberries and honey.

The other space I chose to decorate, was the mantle, to be used as a  Photo Booth. I made a tassel and pom-pom garland to hang above “Bee Sweet” cards that I taped to the mirror. I added some props, like fresh flowers and some beeswax candles I had made a while back (hope to have a tutorial some day). I added a few more daisies and pulled my couch over to cover the gap of the fireplace.

I also made some flower crowns from ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby for all the guest to wear (these were a big hit!)

Now for lots and lots of Photo Booth photos with some of Lily’s (and her parents) favorite people.


Y’all- Beth (pictured below) sewed Lily her very own princess dress! I still can’t get over it. Like I said, these people are incredible. I will certainly cherish this gift forever.

And thats a wrap for year two’s birthday bash!


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