DIY Felt Envelopes for Valentine’s Day


I am so excited to give Lily this small little Valentine’s day gift I made her! It literally took less than an hour and they turned out so cute. I purchased a heart shaped purse from Target (here) to serve as a “mail” bag to deliver her faux letters. She loves zippers and things that open, so I think she will thoroughly enjoy this present from momma.

Here is what you will need for making the envelopes:

three colors of felt cut  to be 4X6

embroidery thread and needle

felt scraps (for hearts)

hot glue


Step 1: Fold rectangle in half and sew along the edge (all but the folded side.)

Step 2: Mark the 3″ point on your envelope and towards the center of the rectangle. Use ruler to a draw line from top corners to the center of the envelope.

Step 3: free-hand hearts for the envelope’s flap. Hot glue onto envelope.

Thats it! A super sweet, super inexpensive, gift for your littlest Valentine.

 Somedays her hair looks so smooth and other days, it just goes a little wild. These pictures were taken after I spent some time brushing her hair with no avail :)

Regardless of the wild- do, I am in love with her  little smile full of adorable teeth.



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