DIY Bath Tea Bags


Lately, I have been loving to take long baths while reading books. I have been using Lily’s bubble bath, but I wanted to think of something I could make that would really enhance my alone, relaxation time. I have been learning more and more about different herbs/ flowers and what medicinal purposes they hold. I decided to make a “tea bag” of different herbs and flowers that would aid in different health purposes I was looking to improve.

TheseĀ  DIY bath tea bags are simple to make, smell amazing, and make for a great gift to a friend! With Valentine’s right around the corner these would make for a great quick gift to your gals.

Here is what you will need:

tea bags (amazon)


bakers twine

lavender (relaxation)

peppermint (good for the tummy aches/naseaousness)

chamomile (relaxation)

lemon peel (detox/good for brightening skin)

I found all of these ingredients at my local, health food store.


paper scraps/ heart punch- out/ hot glue

Step 1: Mix equal parts of all ingredients (lavender, peppermint, chamomile, lemon peel)

Step 2: Fill tea bag with two tablespoons of the mixture, roll remaining tea bag down, and staple.

Step 3: Cut “tea” bag string and staple.

Optional: Punch out three hearts from a pretty piece of paper and hot glue to string.

Place those wonderful smelling bags in a cute mason jar and your ready for a luxurious bath!


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