Cold Brew Iced Coffee


Summer is right around the corner- the season when cold brew becomes a staple in our house. I love cold brew because its so easy and quick to whip up once a week and then we get to enjoy it hassle free for several days. We prefer the chemex brew over here, so making  a cup of jo, isn’t always the quickest (not that I am complaining, once made- nothing beats it.) I love pouring a cup of cold brew while I am heading out the door without hardly any delay.

For making a gallon of cold brew, you will need:

1/2 lb. of course, bold coffee grounds.

We have a scale and measure 8 oz of grounds, but you could also just eye ball from a 1 lb bag of beans.  We use an espresso roast, but any bold roast will do- we choose a bold over light roast because cold brew gets diluted when you add your ice!

4 quarts of water

large container ( I use my Kitchen Aid mixing bowl and cover it with plastic wrap, the coffee mixture comes all the way to the top.)

fine mesh strainer, french press, or wire Chemex filter

To make the cold brew, simply add the grounds and water to your container and cover. Allow to “brew” in fridge over night. Using either your strainer, french press or filter- remove grounds from water and pour into a pitcher of choice.

   Sometimes we drink it black or if we are in the mood for a sweeter treat,  we will add some homemade lavender syrup and cream. To get my recipe for lavender syrup, subscribe to my newsletter and it will be sent right to your inbox! It is SUCH a refreshing and delightful summer drink.

Hope you enjoy!



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