Homemade Lavender Dry Shampoo

I am so excited to share this recipe for homemade dry shampoo with you, it works so well and smells lovely! As a new mom, it has come to the rescue time and time again. I run out of time to take a shower fairly often, and this really does remove the oil from my hair beautifully. I have tried several brands of dry shampoo from the store and I didn’t think they worked nearly as well.

I chose to add lavender essential oil and I love the way it smells with the coco powder. You could totally add whatever your favorite scent is! If you are concerned this shampoo is too light to blend into your hair, don’t even worry. You can simply add as much co-co powder as you need in order to match your hair color. It will always be a few shades lighter, but once absorbed into the scalp you won’t be able to see anything.

You can make this dry shampoo with three ingredients, two if you don’t add a scent!

To make a 16 oz jar of dry shampoo, you will need:

1 1/2 cups of arrowroot powder

3 tbs of coco powder (for dark blondes)

4 drops of lavender essential oil

mason jar

old make up brush for applyingArrowroot powder is what absorbs the oil- it is magical! It feels a bit like corn starch. I have also used it as a face powder because I loved how it kept my face from feeling oily and made it smooth as could be. You can buy arrowroot powder at Kroger or any grocery store- it will probably be located with the organic foods. I used Bob’s Red Mill brand.

To make the shampoo, simply combine all the ingredients thoroughly. It takes several minutes of stirring to get the coco and arrowroot to blend together. For applying the the dry shampoo, use an old make up brush. Hold the brush directly over your head and tap the powder onto your roots and other oily areas on your head. First, rub as much dry shampoo as you can into your scalp with your fingers. Then, brush your hair and the powder should totally disappear. Voila, you have clean hair (or at least thats what everyone will think :) I hope you love this recipe as much as I do! I would love to hear how it works for you. So go ahead, sleep in an extra thirty min tomorrow, or better yet- sit and drink your coffee a little longer… you don’t have to take a shower!

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