Hand-Poured Lavender Soy Candles


I recently finished “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” by Marie Kondo. I loved this read. I am getting close to finishing cleaning out and putting my house in order. One of her main ideas, is to only keep things that spark joy. I am a sucker for a good smelling candle, however, more times than not- I do not love the packaging. So, I decided to make my own candles and add cute fabric that matched my style.┬áLavender is known for helping in relaxation and sleep. I have always really enjoyed the smell of lavender and find it very motivational for keeping a clean and fresh house.

Here is what you will need:

16 oz mason jar

1/2 lb of soy way

lavender essential oil

1 tbs of honey

sponge or paint brush

2 tbs of dried lavender

candle wick

hot glue

square fabric scrap




Step 1: Mix your honey with about 1/4 cup of water. Using your sponge brush, paint the inside of your mason jar with your honey/water mixture. Pour in dried lavender buds and roll around to coat the outside of your glass.

lavendercandle-4Step 2: Hot glue wick to the bottom of your mason jar. Tape your pencil to the wick, centering the pencil in order to keep the wick centered.

Step 3: Melt wax. Bring a 2 quart saucepan of water to boil. Place pie pan on top of saucepan and fill with wax. Continue to stir wax until fully melted. Add oil. Pour into mason jar. Try to pour towards the center of the candle in order to not knock any of your lavender buds off the side of your jar. * I poured my wax from the pie pan into a pyrex measuring cup, so I could pour more accurately into the jar. Place in freezer until hardened.

Step 4: Cut wick and add square of fabric to top!

lavendercandle-5For cleaning up your candle making supplies, I suggest microwaving the pie dish and measuring cup. This melts the dried wax, so you can pour it out.

I love how organic these look! I also really appreciate being able to have candles that match my home’s style. You can use whatever kind of fabric you fancy!

lavendercandle-8 lavendercandle-9 lavendercandle-10

Coffee + Candle= bliss


I hope you enjoy candle making as much as I did! I can’t wait to try some other scents and waxes, I’ll be sure to tell you everything I learn along the way. :)

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