Easy Cake Decorating for a Coffee Flavored Cake

The BCM ( Baptist Collegiate Ministry) where I work part time, held their annual dessert auction last night. I love this event!! Lots of students bring delicious sweets that they put so much time and energy into making. Everything is always quite elaborate. Then, they host an auction bidding off the desserts and all the money goes to funding students going on global and local missions. Every year I am amazed to see how generous the students are. This year, they raised $3,000. Students have fun bidding, raising money for missions, and devouring tons of treats.

This year, I brought this cake! I wanted to share it, because it was so simple to decorate and turned out looking really cute. You don’t have to be a cake decorator to make it- trust me, I don’t know much about frosting a cake or the first thing about piping.

I made Pioneer Woman’s coffee cake. It is so stinking good.. strong coffee flavor and lots of butter. I highly recommend trying it out.

But, this post is more on how I decorated the cake. Can’t take credit for the taste. :)

First, if  you ever want to make your frosting look a little bit more fancy, you can add some coffee grounds. This adds some color and dimension without having to go buy food coloring.

Second, I used coffee beans to create flowers. You simply put 5 beans into a circle. Isn’t adorable? No fancy piping necessary!

Are you nervous about frosting the cake.. no worries, let me show you some pics of how easy it can be. I didn’t level my cakes, I just stacked those puppies. If you don’t think you can ice a cake perfectly, I recommend the “naked” cake style. It is easy to do and you can’t  possibly mess up! You just slap some frosting on the top of layer one…Stack the other cake on top and frost. Add a lot of frosting to the top and push all the extra to the outer rim. With the extra, coat the sides lightly. Then just add your cute coffee bean flowers! 

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