DIY Tassel Easter Basket

It’s Lily’s first Easter! She has had her Easter dress hanging on the wall in her room since before she was even born. It was given to her, from her great Aunt Nancy. I can’t wait for Lily to wear it to church, she loves to look and pull at it every time we are sitting in the rocking chair right below it. I am thrilled with how her easter basket turned out. I think I might just start making tassels for everything!

For making this basket, you will need:

– a wicker basket with a flat rim for ribbon and tassels

– various colors of embroidery thread ( I used 8 different colors)

– white paint

– daisy ribbon ( I got mine at Joanne’s)

– hot glue

For making the tassels:

Step 1– Cut a square of card stock around two inches high. Begin wrapping the embroidery thread around the card stock. I wrapped the thread 25 times.

Step 2– Using a separate string, go under the loop made around the card stock. Make a knot at the top of the loops. Pull your loops off of the card stock.

Step 3– With another piece of thread, loop around the created loops-about 1/2 down from the top. Tie a knot.

Step 4– Cut the bottom of your loops, creating a tassel!

I made 16 tassels, I got 2 from each color of embroidery thread.

For assembling the basket:

I painted all of the vertical lines on the basket white. I then hot glued the daisy flower ribbon around the top of the basket. Lastly, I threaded my tassels and glued the tassels where I wanted them to stay on the basket.

In Lily’s basket I put some homemade yogurt bites (closest thing I could do to candy!), a sippy cup …I love that it sorta looks like a coffee mug, and a cute little bunny I found at TJ max.

Now for far too many pics of my baby girl in her Easter dress going through her basket. She seemed to really like her new bunny friend.

I have no idea where she would have learned the idea of kicking back and drinking a cup of coffee. :)

I hope you are having a great week and have planned lots of time spent with family and friends this Easter weekend!

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