DIY Coffee Mug Display

I have posted about my coffee mug display before, but it was when I was very new to blogging as well as photography. Still have lots and lots of room for improvement in my photos, but these are a slight upgrade from my previous post.

I think my espresso bar/ coffee mug peg board receives the most compliments from guest visiting my home. If you love coffee and tend to hoard coffee mugs, this is your solution. I tried to downgrade my mugs because they were over flowing out of my cabinets, but I just loved every single one of them. This wall is so nice because with shelves, you can’t see all your options in the morning. With a peg board, you don’t have to wade through rows of mugs to get to your choice mug. All your mugs are right there, easy to see, easy to access, easy to be admired.

It is also really fun for coffee dates with friends. Guest have enjoyed being able to pick out of an array of cute mugs!

So, let me tell you how I assembled it..

For this project, you will need:

a peg board (size dependent on how many mugs you need hang)

wooden letters (from a craft store) “POUR OVER”

gold spray paint

command strips

screws ( around 8)

peg board hooks (1 per mug)

I do remember going to hardware stores (this may have changed, it was over 2 years ago) and not being able to find the correct kind of peg board hooks. We tried “s” hooks and they did not work. We ended up ordering ours off of ¬†Amazon.

Step 1: Spray paint your wooden letters. I chose the phrase pour over for two reasons. First, my husband and I love a good pour over. Secondly, I think of scriptures from the Bible about the overflow of our heart. It talks about our words and actions being the result of the love and joy Christ fills our hearts with. So, although you wouldn’t automatically connect this phrase with something spiritual, to me it serves as a reminder to me to have an overflow of love.

Step 2: Hang your peg board. To hold up the peg board and the weight of the mugs, I used two screws for each side.

Step 3: Using your command strips, hang your wooden letter phrase.Step 4: Add your peg board hooks evenly throughout your board.Step 5: ADD MUGS!!! so exciting.

The following pics are from my maternity shoot with Ashley Powell. I am absolutely in love with her photography style and will cherish these pics for years. I am so happy to have captured our favorite spot in our first apartment. Seeing a pic of when Lily was still in my belly, is just such a surreal feeling.

What other phrases do you think would look cute over a wall of coffee mugs!??



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