DIY Baby Bunny Planter

This weekend, I hosted a baby shower for my sweet friend, Annie. Her and her husband have decided to wait on learning the gender of their baby!! I think this tells a lot about Annie’s personality, she is so laid back and cool. I met Annie through crafternoons, so naturally at her shower, we had to do some crafting. This DIY baby bunny planter is one of three crafts we made. I think the crafts turned out really cute and are so special since they were all made with lots of love. I can’t wait to see Annie’s nursery come together- its going to be super cute with all its DIY goodness.These planters are super easy and inexpensive to make! Here is what you will need:

  • three large white puffs
  • three small white puffs
  • a pot
  • foam for filling the pot
  • greenery (I got my grass at Michaels)
  • hot glue
  • felt ( for bunny’s feet, should match puffs/bunny)

Step 1: Cut 6 bunny feet from your felt. I made six even sized squares first, so that when I created ovals for feet- I knew they would all be relatively the same size. Step 2: Hot glue the feet to your large puff ball, followed by your small puff (the bunny’s tail) Step 3: Hot glue the bunnies to the edge of your pot. Step 4: If you are using a block of foam, you will need to cut it down into smaller squares to fill the pot. Once you have reached the top of your pot, you can begin to stick the fake grass into the foam.

So simple, so fast, so cute. I’ll be sharing another craft we made as well as pictures from Annie’s shower, soon! Stay tuned, I can’t wait to share all the DIY, fun details.

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