Annie’s Bunny Themed Baby Shower

I am so excited for my friend Annie and how close she is getting to meeting her sweet baby! It is even more exciting because she and her husband chose to wait on knowing their baby’s gender. I think that is incredible and greatly admire her patience! The shower was so much fun and I loved getting everything ready with the help of my co-host, Katie Beth, for Annie’s party.

I met Annie through crafternoons, so we thought it would be fun to craft things for the baby at her shower. The shower was at 12, so we ate brunch food and of course drank lattes. The theme of the party was animals (mainly bunnies, bc Annie owns some!) and retro toned colors.

Once again, I failed to remember to take pics during the actual event. This makes me so sad, every time. I hope to get better at taking live shots .. but for now, you will have to get the vibe through decoration and description alone.

Two of the crafts we made, you have already seen- the bunny planters and spring bunny wreath. I plan to write a tutorial on the third craft we did too- some DIY snow globes.

Here are some pics from our first craft, the bunny planters.

Here are the snow globes! I think a set of three looks so cute together for nursery decor. The lamb was the example, so the other two were waiting to be made!

The last craft guest could make, was the bunny wreath that I made and posted about a few weeks back. You can find the tutorial under : DIY, Kids, Room. I am hoping she can use the greenery wreath and fabric circles from the desk (see above pic) to create a gallery wall in the nursery! Almost every guest had some part in the making of the bunny wreath. I loved meeting all of Annie’s friends and think its so cool that we sent her home with homemade gifts made by those who love her and her precious baby. I hope these crafts serve as reminders of how much her friendship is appreciated for years to come!

On the menu: quiche, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, white cake with honey whipped cream, rosemary potatoes, and fruit. We also of course, had lattes. For the cake, I made bunny ears out of pipe cleaners and a flower bed with some fresh greenery.

Lastly, here are some shots of the decor. Our hope was that some could be used in her nursery!

And my one picture with people… Annie and her friend Sarah crafting away.

So excited for Annie!! Love you girl!!!

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