Espresso Catering

cropped-Green-Cupboard-option-2-1.jpgPeople associate coffee with comfort and home, and often lattes or specialty drinks are thought of as novel and or a treat. I want to bring these two characteristics, comfort and novelty into small and large events. I want to be part of helping people make their event comfortable and memorable through espresso catering.

So, what makes my drinks special?

Quality local Ingredients: I will be using local and organic ingredients. My beans will be bought from Red Rooster’s in Floyd, VA. My syrups will be homemade with ingredients bought from the local grocery stores and the Blacksburg farmer’s market.

Unique flavors: I want to bring new flavors that can’t be found at the coffee shop down the street. Flavors such as Rosemary or Lavender. However, I know everyone loves a classic vanilla latte sometimes- so I will offer more traditional options as well.

I love creating themes and I love throwing parties. If your event is a celebration, I will assist you in creating the atmosphere you desire.

Please contact me at  if you are interested in having espresso catering at your next event!

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